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ROUNDUP / Formula 1 focuses on Europe: Baku, Singapore and Suzuka canceled | 12/06/20

SINGAPORE (dpa-AFX) – Following the competition’s cancellations from Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan, Formula One was able to battle against its shrinking calendar with an extended European tour. Hockenheimring would welcome timely decisions on the permanent issue of replacement. “It is not new when I say that the later a decision is made, the more difficult it becomes,” CEO Jorn Teske told the German press office on Friday.

Due to the Corona crisis, the top-class motorsport had to cancel or postpone the first ten races of the season from its previous record plan of 22 Grand Prix. Organizers from Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan announced the interruption of their events on Friday. The old continent is gaining new importance in the planning of the series, which previously expanded to a great extent.

“There is the opportunity ̵

1; if needed – to have an extended European season with one or two more races,” Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn said before the announcement of the next Grand Prix failure.

In addition to Ferrari’s own courses in Mugello, Imola and Portimao, Hockenheim is also one of the replacement candidates. “There are a number of good European courses where we can add another race or two to have a full season,” Brawn said. Formula One executives want at least 15 Grand Prix to raise the entire TV money.

“It is well known that we can organize a Grand Prix quickly, conscientiously and with high quality,” pointed out the course director Teske the advantages of the traditional course in Nordbaden. But not only in view of the Corona crisis are operators who in Hockenheim dependent on taking courses outside Formula 1 mainly with other events and thus also obtain financial planning security. The patience of the operator also has limits.

In the Formula 1 emergency calendar with a preliminary eight Grand Prix, the first season races are planned exclusively in Europe. The start should take place on July 5 in front of empty joints in the Austrian Spielberg. The European tour ends on September 6 in Monza.

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku was originally scheduled for June 7, but has been postponed due to the Corona crisis. Singapore should have run on September 20. In both metropolitan areas, gyroscopes are usually used on city circles – quite inconceivable in Corona times. The Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka was scheduled for October 11, and travel restrictions in particular should be the reason for the cancellation.

“We have many different options and are very confident to have a good second half of the season,” Brawn said. Unless the corona crisis causes further serious deterioration, Formula 1 is said to end with a double package in Bahrain and finally the final in Abu Dhabi on December 13. “We have alternatives,” says Formula 1 chief Chase Carey, considering any further outbreak contests. “But security comes first.” / Mom / DP / miss

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