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Rock climber Lama and Auer reached the summit from avalanche accident «DiePresse.com

Ottawa / Innsbruck. The exceptional mountaineers killed in an avalanche accident in western Canada died during the descent from Mount Howse. The two Tyrolean extreme mountaineers David Lama and Hansjörg Auer as well as the American Jess Roskelley reached the summit on Monday, said a representative of the Canadian National Park on Monday.

The three mountaineers have been missing since Tuesday last week. They would climb the 3295-meter-high Howse Peak via a very difficult road on the eastern side of the mountain. On Sunday, their bodies were found with avian dogs.

Rappelling crashes

Although there is limited information, Roskelley's family confirmed that the three had reached the summit, the Canadian National Park telephone conference said. The men were about to go down the mountain's east road when the disaster happened, said government representative Brian Webster. They had just shouted off when the avalanche had dissolved.

The three mountaineers were aboard Howse on the morning of April 16. The same day, the disaster came. According to Websters, the mountaineers had no label with them to be able to save them as quickly as possible in the event of an avalanche. In addition, the very bad weather conditions and the continued danger of avalanches deteriorated the search.

The search began on April 17th. Equipment had been found by the missing alpine skiers. The game was then discovered with the help of an avalanche dog on April 21, Webster said.

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