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Rikers Island: New York closes infamous prison island

For three years, tens of thousands of criminals have ended up in the notorious New York Jail of Rikers Island – though the US east coast metropolis wants to close the detention center. The city council approved on Thursday the plan to replace the prison island and three other detention centers by 2026 by four smaller facilities in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx suburbs. One day, then, Rikers Island will also be publicly accessible.

Because of the overcrowded infrastructure and frequent violent acts, human rights advocates have been saying for years to the closure of the prison complexes, including prominent detainees such as rapper Tupac Shakur and politician Again and again, the detention center must have been affected by the abuse of inmates ̵

1; primarily blacks and Hispanics should be affected. ist prebe ", soft mayor Bill de Blasio. Following the city's plans, New York needs a backdrop of judicial reforms and declining crime rates in 2026 only to accommodate 3300 detainees. The cost of the restructuring was estimated at almost eight billion euros.

The city government promises better conditions of detention in the new facilities, in addition, they should be more safe and easily accessible to the prisoners' relatives.

The decision also called for contradiction. Criticism is, among other things, replacing Blasios' premises, Rikers Island with center-close detention centers with significantly fewer cells. Other opponents of the plan demanded that the money donated be used to combat crime causes.

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