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Red Dead Online Beta – Early Access Has Started – GAMEtainment

Red Dead Online Beta launches this week and early access begins today. We slowly extend our servers and systems through a growing number of players, which continually increases the online population throughout the week, until the beta will finally be available to all Red Dead Redemption 2 owners on Friday. This approach will ensure that our servers will handle an ever-increasing number of simultaneous active players during the early hours and early days of beta and hopefully reduce the likelihood of server failure during the launch week.

Here's the exact schedule:

  • Tuesday November 27th: All Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition owners. Note: Players who have purchased a physical copy of Ultimate Edition must have submitted the Ultimate Edition code included in the package to participate.
  • Wednesday November 28: All players who according to our data on October 26, Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Thursday November 29th: All players who played Red Dead Redemption 2 between October 26 and October 29, according to our records.
  • Friday 30 November: All Players Who Own Red Dead Redemption 2.

BETAPHASE: We Need Your Return

Our goal is to deliver a stable and entertaining experience while gathering so much information and feedback. as possible from us helps to constantly improve Red Dead Online. As usual in a beta phase, we want to take the time to make Red Dead Online a complete, fun and fully functional experience. It may take a few weeks or months, where we constantly work to fix errors, improve systems and integrate player feedback into our current and future plans.

If you have any technical issues please visit Rockstar support page for help or inform us about the issues. And we would like to ask each one to send us feedback about your experience ̵

1; from game options to suggestions for future content. We'd like to know what you like, what you like most, what you do not like and what additional options you want or what changes you want to see in Red Dead Online. Please share your experiences and suggestions via reddeadonline.com/feedback.

Keep track of Rockstar Newswire for regular updates of Red Dead Online, such as new content updates, features, changes, and general news games.


The world of Red Dead Online offers an ever-expanding gaming experience. Even during the beta phase there will be some new features and updates. From this week you can collaborate with friends, create camps, deal with collaborative history-based quests, compete against each other in competition series, find strangers around the world to help them (or not), embrace spontaneous Free Roam challenges, go hunting or fishing, tying your horse, exploring the world with friends or alone (but beware of obstacles!), and much more.

At the same time, you collect your XP discoveries and meetings, increase your rank and give you extra bonuses. Through your progress you unlock things and improve your attributes. You can also take challenges during your gameplay experience in the open world to win awards in 12 categories including combat, hunting, sniper and survivors.

Red Dead Online is starting to create your character. Determine your appearance and attribute before traveling from the Sisika prison. Soon you will get a horse, create a camp, find a treasure, equip your first postcard and meet some fatal characters that have a long story to tell – a story about the pursuit of truth, revenge and glory.


Red Dead Online increases or decreases your honor according to your choices and behaviors. You decide your honor – through life and death, to natural interactions like taking care of your horse.

In addition to the fact that the world reacts subtly differently to you, you will notice that some missionary processes vary depending on your honor.

Free rescue mission
Travel alone or with your group to foreigners marked on the map to attack Free Roam missions take. On the way you will meet some familiar faces. The assignments may vary depending on how precious or curious you are. For example, an honorable gunfighter is called upon to escort a convoy and protect him from Gangs attacks or even other players' squads. On the other hand, a dishonest violence may be asked to release a criminal from the hands of the team.

A land of opportunities
Honor also affects the deep co-operative storyline for two to four players, as we continually expand. In "A Land of Opportunities" you will be confronted with a versatile series of missions, some of which may change when your honor changes to seek the truth and justice or revenge.


Of course, Red Dead Online is also full of new competitive gaming features. Beta includes five new modes to launch, which are part of a larger showdown series. In addition, you can run point-to-point, turn-based and open competitions anywhere on the map with your trusted star.

Skip one of the showdown series markers to start a fast match in different modes:

Shootout & Team Shootout
Classic shootouts with unlimited lives. Collect most kills before time goes out. Sudden death is triggered: the next death determines.

Your inventiveness is tested in two game modes: Use nothing but an arch and a handful of arrows or throw knives to hit End Last to Survive. Thanks to a constantly shrinking playing field there is no escape.

Most Wanted
A tactical contest to the top. Each death improves your position, but note: the closer you get to the top of the scoreboard, the more points players will get you.

Hostile territory
Work as a team to control the country. Catch an area to earn points: The team with the highest score wins – or you win by controlling the entire map.

Name Your Weapon
In this game, everyone is fighting against everyone or by crafting your skills on the display. The harder the handling of the used weapon, the more points you get for each death.


  • Look for more information and tips on Red Dead Online Beta in the coming days. And check the attached app or social club to see when you can get into beta.
    As always, we would like to hear your feedback and request help, especially during the beta period. In addition to reporting errors, technical issues, glitches and exploits at https://support.rockstargames.com, you can send us feedback and suggestions via reddeadonline.com/feedback.
  • We also ask for help with Red Gör Dead Online a fun and fair experience for all. Use reporting features to inform us about offensive or disturbing behavior, cheating or exploits that you encounter during beta release or found on external sites like YouTube. At this time, we note that our long-term policy to publish copyrighted material from Rockstar Games is valid. A video that promotes cheating in any way will cause a copyright complaint.
  • You will notice that some items in the menus are not yet available or available at this early beta stage. For example, the in-game store, which opens later, allows you to buy gold rods to instantly buy cosmetic items like storage or special styles for your weapons.
  • We hope that we can improve your game success during this early beta phase can also be maintained in the long run. However, as many people consider for extensive online experiences like these, there is always the possibility that we may need to recover rows or other statistics in case of technical difficulties.

Keep your eyes scared of updates on Red Dead Online in the next few weeks and months

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