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Prize for Sophia Loren, Vivienne Westwood is "applauded" «kleinzeitung.at

European Culture Prize Gala at the Vienna State Opera: Sophia Loren, Conductor Simone Young, Painter Neo Smoke and Baritone Thomas Hampson.

09.47 pm, October 21, 2019

 Sophia Loren with her son Carlo Ponti
Sophia Loren with her son Carlo Ponti © APA / HERBERT PFARRHOFER (HERBERT PFARRHOFER)

On Sunday, without the Dissonance, the European Cultural Gala Opera is on Sunday Stage ran. Stars were given as Sophia Loren Conductor Simone Youn g, Painter Neo Rauch and Baritone Thomas Hampson . In addition to the environmental initiative "R20 Austrian World Summit", designer Vivienne Westwood used the Gala for a climate appeal – and is applauded.

A purported dissonance had the Curatorium of European cultural prize prepared in the field Beliefs of his past confronted singer Placido Doming or received in this year, but no price for his life's work. Instead, he will now receive the award for his life's work in Bonn on October 3, 2020. Before Vienna were Dresden and Hamburg shows at the Gaura for the renunciation of "Taurus".

"Wehe, if you work like that"

"I can not explain it to you, it is, but it is very heavy", riddled Laudator Ioan Holender at the transfer of Preises and Young, who himself had been conductor in his house. The stylized bull had also held Deputy Dominique Meyer as representative of the State Opera. The first words came from actors and directors Otto Schenk who said: "This house is a gift for the city" – and "hey, if you work on it"

First of all it was a Rows of opera stars who have become worthy of your achievements. Etwa Nina Stemme assigned by Christa Ludwig to the "greatest dramatic soprano of our time". Education said Human Rights, but also Human Rights, established Thomas Hampson whose life work was awarded. And Rene Pape who grew up in the former GDR, expressed his hope that Europe would not be shattered by misfortune. Westwood enters the stage: They did not warn of self-exclusion of humanity, not merely because of climate change, embraced capitalism, the control system and, above all, the corrupt politicians and the system that allowed it. They are interrupted right away from the impatient audience, which greatly applauds the message.

Ever since, climate protection has never had a place in dramaturgy: As the Arnold Schwarzenegger in Life called initiative "R20 Austrian World Summit" with a " to be awarded. Ex-politicians and ex-politicians on the promotion tour apologized via video message for their absence. "Still, there are enough people who do not take a global climate crisis seriously," he added.

Loren receives the prize from your son

And he also unmoved stirring moments at the "European Culture Awards Gala". As a film diva Sophia Loren who obtained statuette from ihrem Sohn, the conductor Carlo Ponti junior and both agreed to pay. Or as Laudatorin Anette Dasch the audience read the well-known canon "Frere Jacques" – in devotion and the spirits all read as "Thomas Hampson – many thanks – for your life work – many thanks"

Still good for three hours all the bulls were lost. Further to the 14-year British composer Alma Deutscher and the American composers and mice Gordon Getty by von Stargeiger Daniel Hope was worthy of mention. This also provided – alongside the State Opera Orchestra under Young's Conductor and Singer Ina Regen – for the musical embrace of the gala.

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