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Preview version of Windows Terminal released

An initial technical preview of the new Windows terminal is available in the Microsoft Store, the manufacturer writes in its command line blog.

Requirements: Can be updated by Windows 10 1903

The new application, available as open source software is also available from Github, can be used under Windows 10 from version 18362.

Microsoft has introduced the Windows Terminal on its built-in exhibition Build 2019 . The program will give users a current and modern interface in comparison with the past.

Information about Windows Terminal

This includes support for fonts with emoji. The text reference should also be accelerated by the graphics device with Windows Terminal which significantly improves display and readability.

In addition, Windows Terminal has many ways of personalizing the application. For example, a JSON file can be used to specify settings for different profiles, including background images, color schemes, and shortcuts for various functions or profiles themselves.

These profiles can also be used to set the terminal shell, since Windows Terminal can not only be used as access to Powershell but also for the simple command prompt CMD or also on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is used.

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