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Premium Alexa Skills: Launch Amazon Alexa skills with Pay Function

Amazon has recently allowed competency providers to integrate payment features into their Alexa skills. With skills, the functionality of an Alexa device can be increased, something like digital assistant apps. In the beginning, this new feature is only available to developers participating in the developer preview. Later, purchasing qualifications for all suppliers are available.

  1. LOTTO Hessen GmbH, Wiesbaden
  2. City of Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart

Amazon promises users to get new high quality qualifications, For developers this should be a way to sell digital premium content and make money with Alexa skills. These skills can be provided with one-time purchases or subscription models. If a premium skill is run, the user may ask "Alexa, what is there to buy?" to complete the purchase. The basic characteristics of the skills are free and the use of Alexa skills should remain free, Amazon promises.

In the Alexa app, there is now a special section with the so-called premium Alexa skills. Premium means that all skills are paid. In the beginning, 14 offers are available. Nine of them are gaming and grading skills. Included is today's puzzle, which offers a consultation every day. As a premium feature, there is a second puzzle every day with a subscription of 1.89 euros per month.

Booking of premium features within the skill

Skill Burger Empire is a kind of business simulation. The player has a burger and must complete each round as profitable as possible. With premium features, he can buy virtual gold bars to expand his market power within the game.

Skill Mobile Finder can call a tired cell phone by calling. In the basic function, a mobile number can be stored. For 4.99 euros there is an annual subscription to insert three additional phone numbers. The purchase is made here by saying with activated skill: "Alexa, plus three purchases".

While learning the English language, Skill Jicki Sprachdusche should help. A first learning session can be tested for free. Additional lessons are available at a subscription price of € 9.99 per month. Anyone who has a Prime subscription to Amazon will receive a discount of 20 percent. Booking of the subscription takes place with the voice command "Alexa, Sprachdusche Monatsabo buy" .

Otherwise, there are two additional skills specifically for echo manufacturing units and echo cancellation, so Alexa devices with display. One shows the user pictures of baby animals, the other gives a series of natural videos. In addition, a weather alert skill is busy. However, there is no mention of the purchase options available here.

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