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Pregnant woman is pregnant with retirement – News

The same witch needs high-ranking Britin: She will be your baby. However, Judge Nathalie Lieven of the British Court of Protection decides, the mentally disadvantaged woman must abstain from the child – and in the 22nd pregnancy week. Seventeen hatch suggested the grip, that pregnant pregnant midwife disorder would appear on the development stand one of his six to one-year-olds said and, furthermore, led to a disturbance of affection – that the mother of the pregnant woman is interested in the child's interest in the religion.

"Distinguish in the interest of pregnant women" refused, and abruptly abolished, landed for our purpose. The Court of Protection has this field, it is indefinite for humans, to disassociate those mental mentions. Judge Lieven describes the fall as "herzzerreißend". She said: "We are clear that there is an immense influence on the state of a pregnancy abortion. I must admit to the best interest of the woman, not the views of society."

"You will das Child on the same wise, was his one great wish " [Laughs] the ruler has no idea, as the pregnant child desires. In the truth, the young lady can not care, which responsibility alone. "I think, they'll be a baby at the same time, were they a great will". On the basis of the emotional disturbance, he said no wife was allowed, because of the baby. Neither cousin, if any one of them, my father, would have been killed. Since the risk of the child was large, most people both train at any time anyway.

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