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Poor toothpaste costs girls (11) their lives

An extremely dramatic, how curious death occurred in the state of California. When the 11-year-old Denise Saldate died to use the wrong toothpaste.

The final lethal cream was recommended by a dentist. The girl had stains on her teeth. When she came home with the new tube and brushed her teeth, she realized that something was wrong. As usual in such a situation, she immediately ran to her mother. Soon her lips became blue and she couldn't breathe. Her mother announced the rescue and an ambulance took the girl to a hospital. But some help came too late. The same evening, Denise died as a result of Allergy Shock.

The reason for this tragedy seems too banal. As it turned out, the new toothpaste contained the substance Recaldent, which is made from milk proteins. This warning seemed to have been overlooked, as the girl suffers from a milk allergy.

Now her mother wants to warn other parents to read the ingredients of the toothpaste so that something else does not happen.

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