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Police warn against fake online stores

Fake online stores are not a new phenomenon. At present, however, some criminals are so wise that we also announced on Wednesday the Federal Criminal Police Office (BK) against online fax shops. Fraud offers goods and services over the Internet – and doesn't deliver them. Often, the alleged web store does not exist. The perpetrators sometimes go so well that even professional investigators have problems recognizing the fraud, BK's spokesman Vincenz Krieg-Au reported.

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Indications for counterfeit offers

The alarm clocks should flash at the latest when payment is only possible with advance payment. Sometimes payment is offered by card or cash upon delivery, but this process does not work suddenly.

" Make sure the supplier's address and contact are easy to find online and try to verify them at best " advised BK. Useful in the assessment of the supplier are also valuation profiles, as they are common in online marketing. "Take a look at several reviews and if possible also on several platforms."

Any problems can be solved more easily at famous stores. For e-commerce, vendors should allow encrypted transfer of personal information. This is usually recognizable by the abbreviation "http s : //" in the address bar of the browser and a small lock icon in the lower browser. " Pay only if you are connected to a secure Internet connection ," according to the Federal Criminal Police Office.

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Tips for Victims

If you become a victim of internet fraud, you should definitely report the incident. It is important to take order documents and payment documents to the police. If you have paid with a credit or debit card, it is best to report the fraud to the bank without delay.

Specialists for crime prevention are free and in Austria at the phone number 0591

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