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PlayStation 4 – New model to appear this year

The world is looking forward to PlayStation 5. But before Sony wants to expand the PlayStation 4 family to a new model. This appears as current reports. Last fall, a more compact and affordable PS4 will be released!

Many rumors about the upcoming PlayStation 5 make the rounds. The fact that the next genre console from Sony comes, it's infinite, officially presented the PS5 wasn't yet. But Sony still seems to add a new model to the family PlayStation 4- before being placed on the market.

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Smaller and cheaper PlayStation 4 coming soon

According to the latest reports, the Japanese manufacturer is releasing a PS4 slime later this year to get even more compact PS4 console on the market. This should also be correspondingly cheaper. In view of the leaks, new AMD processors will be built with the 7nm manufacturing process, which has a nozzle size of 110mm². This is much more compact than previous models: The first PlayStation 4 came with 348mm² (28nm) on the market, while the PS4 Slim at least only with 208mm² (16nm).

Official data from Sony there Meanwhile no one, a new PS4 version but would definitely fit into the appearance pattern of the Japanese publisher. Since the first PlayStation 4 appeared in 2013 and the Slim and Pro variant came in three years later, we expect in the autumn – again three years later – with an update model. If desired, Sony would like to increase sales for this generation of consoles with an even better model before we finally start a new era with PlayStation 5; this would be fair for 2020.

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No New Pro Model

The leaks only speak of a re-delivery of the traditional PlayStation 4 that will be released between September and November 2019 The market should come. The price is $ 199. PlayStation 4 Pro will not get a new model. It wouldn't be enough for the company to approach the release of PlayStation 5.

When Sony publishes official information about the new PlayStation 4 or even PlayStation 5, it remains to be seen. This year, the publisher of E3 remains away, where large messages are usually legitimate. The new, in-house stream series "Play of Play" or any other event from Sony should make it the place for the new PS4 offer. For a real Ansondigung, PS5 would be more likely since PlayStation Experience later in the year.

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