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ÖVP resolves negotiations with Greenland

The coalition negotiations between ÖVP and Green could start. Party chief Sebastian Kurz gave talks on Monday for the ÖVP's blessing, although the Greens had already unanimously declared on Sunday. In the ÖVP, too, the support of Länder and Bundechefs was unified, so short. Negotiations will be made "open to the public."

"We have all jointly made the decision, which is unanimous, that we will enter into negotiations with the representatives of the Greens", he reported from his contacts with the party borders. Fix is ​​a joint government yet, but for a long time, committed to the ÖVP chief in his solo drive in the Turkish party center.

The green option is to be pursued "purposefully, consistently, with full commitment", and also " honest and respectful ”. And, "We have nothing to do with parallel negotiations." The citizen is patient, it will be much longer than the two months with the FPÖ 2017.

Still the ÖVP in coalition negotiations, Chief Werner Kogler again Monday morning in Wort. "Yes, there will be government negotiations between the People's Party and the Greens," he softly said in a video message. The wish of many people, who could hold the next government for five years, is committed to it.

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Kogler stated that he spoke with the ÖVP-Obmann Kurz and Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen on Sunday and Monday on the upcoming government formation. The supporting coalition negotiations, however, referred to the Green Federal Speaker as "Wagner". Still, they want to try, but "for all who do not fall on the Butterseite of life," said Kogler.

Kurz also emphasized in his statement once more the great differences between the two parties. The Greens had strong positions in the environmental and climate field, with those who did not find the ÖVP easy for those Greens to be elected. On the other side he said the same to the ÖVP, although in questions of migration, security or location and taxation policy.

Here, in short: "Should we agree to a agreement with the Greens, then it will be up to In any case, a piece of creativity and creativity must necessarily be theirs. ”Then and there a new form of government will be said. Kogler said the conversation base was a very good one. Prepared tomorrow, Tuesday, they both met again. Next, the structure for the talks should also be defined.

SPÖ chief Pamela Rendi-Wagner responded to the statement. The result was said to be expected, but pace was said. "Turkey-Grün must act quickly here," she said in relation to the declining economy and burgeoning housing costs. bezeichnete. "Whether real reforms were spent in the morning, or only a coalition of the smallest common denominators remained – they remain absent," she said.

The FPÖ remained in alarm mode today. Although the former government partner, after the election, apparently took himself out of the race for a new government involvement, despite the fact that the Blue advised the Turks to "do a fruitful collaboration with the Greens" for the sake of doing harm to the Republic. "The ÖVP loses the middle-law course in government work and delivers Austria the Greens," warned party chief Norbert Hofer. As a consequence, he painted an image of closing motorworks and striking economic refugees.

However, with sharp attacks, FPÖ-Klubobmann's former coalition partner Herbert Kickl responded. "This is the biggest voter fraud in the Second Republic," said Kickl on Monday in Innsbruck. The FPÖ club head sah turqis-grün more or less prepared in dry turkeys.

ÖVP-Federal party officer Kurz has a "massive breach" of his election promises, and continue a middle-right policy after the national council election. "This is a complete departure from the previous government policy," explained Kickl. This was especially to blame for the "contentiousness" of the ÖVP-peak, which would stand in the "sales interests for contentious beliefs". "Going abroad" and a "beautiful entry into life" for so many ÖVP peak functionaries – this one is obviously in the foreground.

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