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ÖVP member places its mandate «kleinezeitung.at

The press became too big: German German member Dominik Schrott (ÖVP) departs all the functions of his party.

   Dominik Schrott
Author: Dominik Schrott © c) Parliamentary Directorate / PHOTO SIMONIS

The Tyrolean ÖVP Member of the National Assembly heavy fire Dominik Schrott resigned from his mandate and descended from "all other public Schrotz said that" public discussion and the "massive media coverage" have become a heavy burden for him and his family, "said Schrott.

The resigned OVP mandate continued to prove. He was convinced that the ongoing legal solution of the "baseless allegations" would lead to complete relief, politicians said. [19659012] "Do not want the reform movement to lose credibility"

"I have never refrained from my responsibility and would like to prove my personal integrity," Schrott explained. But he does not want "our reform movement to lose credibility because of these allegations," said the Turkish National Council. The complete education of the "big charges" against his person to him "continues to be a major concern," said the 30-year-old Tyrolean.

The scrap had come under heavy pressure in recent days. Among other things, he was accused of organizing a rigging rod to promote his preferential voting campaign. Last confronted with accusations that a club was founded by him in 2017 should have paid a total of € 24,000 to his promotional agency "Smart Ventures" for the creation of a website that does not exist until today.

Pfurtscheller follows the National Council after

ÖVP Federal Council Council Elisabeth Pfurtscheller will be followed by scrap in the National Council. This confirmed the state party to the APA. Pfurtscheller celebrates a comeback in the High House, as she was already in the legislation as a member of the Riksdag.

At the October parliamentary elections, the ÖAAB woman grew up as a top candidate for the party in the Tyrolean Oberland of scrap. This led to a massive preference vote campaign and came to 7093 votes. However, Pfurtscheller could only win 4365 preferential rights.

Platform: Political Responsibility Overtaking

Tyrol's ÖVP Head of State and Provincial Head Günther Platter responded briefly to Schrotts revocation: "It was important for MP to have assumed political responsibility and have affected the consequences."

] scrap and ÖVP would have an additional urgent need for information, explained the SPÖ vice-party leader Georg Dornauer . "None of the many allegations against scrap have been satisfactorily updated: too many questions are still open." The ÖVP must also question itself massively: it has been repeatedly demonstrated that a rapid increase in the People's Party is accompanied by questionable methods, says Dornauer.

Even the "hands-free mission of orders to privately-owned public relations agencies and postschacherei" had met the Tyroleans in the past too often, with regard to the People's Party, Dornauer traveled heavy attacks. "Now is the time to question the turquoise black system," said MP.


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