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ORF "Report" and the new sect in the party landscape

Norbert Hofer warns of the Greens as the "doomsday sector", Werner Kogler sees in ÖVP a "cult-like leader cult": On Tuesday you heard in "Report" again Lively.

Norbert Hofer is rarely seen without a friendly smile. On Tuesday night, however, the FPÖ leader sat with an expression that fluctuated between neutral and thoroughly annoyed, in the "Report" studio. There is more than managing the legacy of Heinz-Christian Strache and his wife Philippa. To explain that you do not know what she will do. Admitting that it was not wise how to behave. The defensive was never so much a question of FPÖ, and it didn't last long in the TV interview, of course, until Hofer counter-attacks. With a tip against ORF (in the salary comparison of ORF General Wrabetz vs. Philippa Strache, this would probably seem modest) and a formulation that will probably become the new blue slogan: the Doomsday section.

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