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OnePlus TV should not be long in coming

OnePlus plans to launch its own Smart TV, which will soon be presented. In fact, it was just a matter of time before other Chinese manufacturers also brought their own TVs to the market. Xiaomi is already doing pretty well, even Huawei wants to come in soon. For many years, major brands such as Samsung and LG have shown that a variety of product categories can be housed under one roof.

In any case, the first OnePlus TV set will not be long in future reports, Ishan, an Indian specialist in the Indian market Agarwal . He is very close to the pulse of time in China and India and can always produce good leaks. There is only the first little information that has not been set in stone. Ishan does not expect an OLED TV, so probably just LCD.

OnePlus had already announced its own TV

OnePlus had already confirmed two months ago, actually working on their own TVs. But you would rather talk about "smart screens", so the focus is clearly on a smart and smart software. It is still unclear in detail when OnePlus "Next Step Forward" is displayed.

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