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On Wednesday, Apple Pay started in Austria

Taken quite well-prepared, Tagen says heartily. In various forums, etwa lteforum.at speculates that Apple Pay prepared on Tuesday or Wednesday Ostern should start. Somewhat much more urgent, was fix said that Apple Pay on Wednesday for customers of First Bank and savings banks, N26 and bottom is available. The planted beginnings in the morning of the morning The days of the futurezone are insiderkreisen confirmed.

Apple Pay is released by appropriate software update of iOS and / or updates the respective banks apps on Friday freely and can then be directed

Apple Pay in Austria

Damit reiht Austria found one another at the countries, in these apples service iPhone [1

9659018] iPad Apple Watch or MacBook used to be. The service will be available to customers next to customers available. Other Austrian Banks Woolen Apple Pay still in the leaves of the year. Viele Kreditkartenkunden etwa Bank Austria – marten until the end of 2020, Kartenausgeber Paylife endorses the futurezone.

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