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Olaf Scholz wants to become SPD-Chairman

Federal Minister for Finance and Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has announced to nominate candidates for the presidency. "I'm ready to start if you want it," Scholz said, according to SPIEGEL information on Monday this week in a telephone box with interim chair Malu Dreyer, Manuela Schwesig and Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel.

Since then, Scholz in the background divides the field, speaks with leading Social Democrats and seeks a tandem partner with whom he can enter as a double-tip. Available to stand. The Finance Minister's choice is also to convey that as long as no one wanted from the earliest number of candidates and allowed even in the party peak that worries about a further abortion of the SPD.

The 61-year debt is one of the most important provisions this is also an irritating figure for the left wings and the jusos. In the party, it may be held that Scholz 'step still sees other candidates.

So far, four duos have declared their intention to run for the SPD chair. The application deadline still runs until September 1st. In addition, the candidates must present themselves on 23 terms in the national associations. In October, around 430,000 SPD members will vote for the new party tip.

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