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"Odin" Wiesinger nomination: "Retreat would be the wrong signal"

"On the one hand, there is freedom for art, on the other hand, an artist must be aware of what he expresses with a title as" last victory "for his work," says Simone Zaunmair. Musicians and composers from Wels lead "Kultur und Freizeit GmbH" in Vöcklabruck and were nominated by ÖVP for Landeskulturbeirat (LKB), which will be newly constructed on June 1

4th. She becomes a colleague of the painter Manfred "Odin" Wiesinger, who – as OÖN reported – sent FPÖ to this 25-member cultural advisory committee. As is known, Andorfer, who is a member of Innviertler Künstlergilde, works on German national motives. Among other things, a lithography from the 90s, the title "Final Victory".

Zaunmair: "I don't know about this Mr. Wiesinger, but I think it's horrible if you put artists in this body that are about their art do not worry, but I guess he is well aware of what he does with his work. "Because of Wiesinger leaving the committee, Zaunmair was excluded:" No, because that is the only way we can discuss in this context. " A retreat would be a wrong signal. "

Birgit Standl, gallery owner of Linz Art Trail Bischofstraße, sits Like Wiesinger on the FPÖ ticket in LKB, she adds the value of being" neither left nor right but straight ahead. "" We see how he does it, " she says about the Innviertler painter, however, emphasizes that he detests all extremes, "politically and religiously." Stangl: "It's about art, I don't understand why politics is involved here."

The Greens expanded the LKB mandate for authors and actor Erich Josef Langwiesner, the county council's former ensemble member believes that Wiesingser's nomination is a "democratically threatening measure", which strikes a catastrophic light on the Austrian cultural policy.

Josef Stockinger, head of the Austrian insurance company, moves to the board and locates the importance of LKB in the "that the breadth of the entire cultural landscape is represented, which is, of course, the case, even though I do not like it." s application for revocation? Stockinger: "Because of an individual you cannot question a basic meaningful opinion."



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