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Obscene criticism Million pendant for devastated cathedrals | SEE ONLINE

have Paris down the road to demonstrate burnt out Cathedral Notre-Dame and to explore more
demand for your situation. Awa 50 Members One Obdachlosenvereinigung,
The Teil-made Warnwest trenches gathered our church.
Your parole was "Notre-Dame
needs one day. We also "- a recording on the notch, about it
Church was set up to protect our rain and snow.
The Demonstrators and Demonstrators criticized the undoubtedness of seeking Franzosen for the Reverend of Notre-Dame. "One billion in 24
Hours, stand to read posters ̵

1; for Obdachlose, null euro is happening every day.
Luxury brand LVMH, Bernard Arnault, who hats 200 million Euro sugars.

After the Brand of Notre-Dame
within Hundreds of Millions of Euros and Spend zugesag. neben
Arnault also billed billionaire François Pinault 100 million euros;
seiner Firma belongs to the market Gucci.

The Cathedral still said to them
hostess Großbrand so gut wie gerett, soft France Minister of Culture
Franck Riester at a Spendengala des TV-Senders France 2 on Saturday, at the reception desk
Musicians and Musicians Retire, Under Their Mermaid Mireille Mathieu and the Pianist
Lang Lang. Though all weaknesses of the births stabilize, soft
Rests, the rubbing mice and some sets free up for free
abgesichert werden.

"A single village will be a Notre-Dame"

Do that thing,
The Notre-Dame arrives, which provokes the Protest experts for the cultural heritage
from Paris. Thinker in the whole country blessed by reproach, reproach
it is an open letter, which the radio transmitter Franceinfo publishes. "In
every village in france offers a 'Notre Dame',
the mold in the flames burns the giggle. "

Seit Jahrzehnten
Seeing the state politically and financially criticize the Erbe zurück
The Teachers' Teacher and Teacher, the only fallback plan for France's cultural heritage: "
used an international catastrophe, up to some well-known vendors
recognizing the urgency of the situation. "With the money we can afford, the worst can ever be found.
Attention is needed, not even financing the maintenance

Remembrance of poverty, war and famine

The Left-wing Politician
Gregor Gysi criticized Tagesspiegel who französischen Unternehmerfamily
of Arnaults, Pinaults and Betting Courses, which are within hours 100
beziehungsweise 200 Million Euro zugesagt hats. "When did you cousin,
Fighting the Hunger, or for the Sea Corps in the Middle Lake? "
Armut cousin: "There are so many problems on the world, which are billion-dollar tuna."

The Bamberger Erzbischof Ludwig Schick was soft, with the weather-scrubbing of Notre-Dame saying in the heart of a war,
monkeys "do not cope with the abbey burned dwelling houses in Aleppo,
Mossul, Palestine, Nigeria, Yemen and the people were forgotten ". The Erzbistum Berlin hated a different settlement and started to collect some cheesecloths at Spend for Notre Dame de Paris:
memory of a guest of affinity with the deadly Catholics. The City of Berlin races to Spenden for your free partner city Paris.

Islamist Islamist Lamya Kaddor is back on track, eager for that
Cathedral Goes Spend for People in Not Play Out. Notre-Dame symbolizes a path
Humanities and human beings, all religions and beliefs,
said the portal softly t-online . The leader of humanity does not blame anyone
enlighten with throng; nötig sei eine grundsätzliche Correction there
international politics. "The humanitarian help days are tragic
Fass oh boden. "

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