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Now and Voggenhuber: march separately?

Vienna. A reunion with the list Now Werner excludes Kogler. "I wouldn't believe it is legally possible," the green EU leader and federal spokesman Werner Kogler said on Friday. There is only one green party, and it's just his – "but he's always ready to talk."

This "ready to talk" probably refers to a single person from the list in the Now list, namely John Voggenhuber, who now ̵

1; Founder Peter Pilz Green Veteran – and also many years of EU parliamentarians for the greens. Currently, Voggenhuber is a compromise on the list. Now in the election to the EU, he is the only candidate to date "List Now / Initiative 1 Europe."

Today, there is speculation about a possible association of the two green EU initiatives, both sides assuring each other of readiness to negotiate. An agreement is possible until April 12. The latest current manager, Now Maria Stern in ORF's presidency, was a common appearance in the May elections in May to be possible. In terms of arithmetic, it would make sense, since both sides threaten to take each other's votes. So far, he has only heard a "vague conversation offer", says Voggenhuber to "Wiener Zeitung". For him, the situation is still unchanged.

List problem

"Every time Werner Kogler tries to make a small invitation, there are some energetic discourses or rejections from the background," says Voggenhuber. He wants to "not interfere with the green internal communication". His door was still open. Especially, says Voggenhuber, Kogler vaguely had promised him a speech on Saturday.

Although Kogler and Voggenhuber agreed, two aspects could still prevent a common attitude: Green's inner dynamics and practices – and the real opportunities of Johannes Voggenhuber. Secondly, behind Werner Kogler, the cross-starter and celebrity chef Sarah Wiener, Monika Vana, also ran in the recent legislative period for Greens in the European Parliament, had to move to third place – a battlefield measured by greening at 5, 5 percent at last The EU elections in 2014 received only three mandates. Requests currently look green only a little over 7 percent, it would only be a mandate. The greens will not lead a discussion about a second place for Voggenhuber instead of Sarah Wiener, and if Vana was banned to fourth place it would probably have led to massive criticism of the left wing, which Vana is awarded.

"Blood, Sweat and Tears"

It is also quite possible that Voggenhuber would not be satisfied with a – uncertain third place on the list of green. A difficult situation then.

When it comes to the Greeks election campaign budget, things don't look very pink. Posters "just have to choose your own," Kogler said on Friday. "Blood, Sweat and Tears" offers the best candidate based on Winston Churchill his officials, party's base and sympathizers. Time for blood and tears is already over, now it would just be sweaty.

The EU election in May becomes a "climate choice", Kogler is safe. He strongly criticized the federal government. Austria is now ultimately about meeting the climate goals in Paris. He and the Dutch competing candidate Bas Eickhout participated on Friday for future demonstration at Heldenplatz at noon.

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