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Nova Rock: "Repair" of the dead pants

Two crowd pullers dominated Nova Rock's third day in Nickelsdorf: Papa Roach and Die Toten Hosen. The outdoor life has "the character of a real rock festival, which concerns the people's attitude and the will to celebrate", Hosen singer Campino summed up in the APA conversation what many visitors thought. His band left the removal of 201

8 forgotten, it went wild.

Their program has changed Toten Hosen compared to "Nature's mood" something, the move was insecure. There were four classics in the beginning – "Bonnie & Clyde", "You only live once", "Liebeslied", "Auswärtsspiel" – and the cramped fans went off. Before "Madelaine" Campino could not resist a political commentary: the FPÖ is for total video surveillance, perhaps "it is not so bad if you look at the pictures from Ibiza", he whispered. "Get up when you're on the ground," bands and fans jumped, "Bengali fires" lit up at "Pushed Again" and "Nova Rock" came on "Here Comes Alex."

Last year, the hearing loss at Campino had been diagnosed, the tour was interrupted. "All right," Campino had assured himself before Saturday's appearance. "In that respect, I can go on stage without worrying, full of expectation in this madness weather, of course, with the feeling that we should actually have been here last year. It gives you extra gas." And this attitude was noticed by The dozen people, who worked as an oiled machine, but who radiated great joy from playing with all their routine.

You almost had a feeling that Die Toten Hosen took his own audience so well was the mood. Is Nova Rock already a home game? "It would be a little crazy to say, because we also play in front of people at festivals that we do not know so well. But we had many good moments here. We feel good here," summarized Campino.

The fans obviously want to know how things are going now. "The loud version of our live concerts we finish this season for the first time. There are already new plans, but they are not really advanced yet," says Campino to the APA. The current summer exhibitions are "intended as an extra round as we can enjoy – just fun, a pleasure and here a compensation. "The band is 100% successful.

In the fan's fans In Flames had Even though Red Stage had difficulty, Melodic Death Metal from Sweden found some grateful customers – which probably came from that the group around the singer Anders Friden delivered a really powerful concert, although the new material may not be as effective as it was in previous days, the sex set did live, not least thanks to the overwhelming sound that not only hammered the drums relentlessly in Burgenland's steppe "19659002" Austria has always been a great place for us "Nodded ahead of the performance, even guitarist Björn Gelotte in the APA The interview, both in terms of show and record sales. "It was the 13th album" I, Mask "which was the beginning of March at number one. "But I'm actually less concerned about this kind of success than having a good day. And we have it when many people come to our shows. This can be harder at festivals than at clubs because the audience isn't just there for you "But it's usually very open. People will hear In Flames, whether they like it or not," Gelotte laughed.

The music, which was originally a drummer with the band, is actually a trained electrician. "But I didn't work a single day in this profession. God forbids me to help anyone with such things. I would burn her fucking house," Gelotte shouted. "I have no idea. But I wanted to do it because I was a child. And of course everyone has a hard day – but usually only one day. The rest of the time is just fine. You can also have a sharp day working in In the end, we are very lucky that we can do it. "

With a glimpse on his face, Papa Roach also ended. The American rock band, which celebrated its breakthrough 19 years ago with "Last Resort", can still bring tens of thousands to celebrate. Old hits like "Between Angels and Insects", which are even more captivated in Nu-Metal, arrived as well as new material, which not only pushes a penchant for poppy sounds on "Feel Like Home". In memory of the late Prodigy singer Keith Flint, there was also a sharp "Firestarter" cover. From rock it went directly to the hip hop of Bonez MC and RAF Camora, who counteracted their exotic status at Nova Rock with a lot of attitude and animation. There is hardly anything that doesn't have room under Burgenland's sun.


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