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Note: Mega-Betrug at WhatsApp

Cyber ​​criminals once received the Utility of WhatsApp's Visor. With an e-mail, which is hosted by WhatsApp, wished to be sensitive and sensitive. Specifically, you need some professional professional browsing to keep the messenger for the Messenger service. The User must update their account and extend the account anyway.

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A storyline is about a pure Phishing Mail. That application of WhatsApp has been available for 2016 for all users free of charge. Click on the link to the left, you will come to an unsafe site. To this end, the user should be sensitive data such as credit card information, bank data or the telephone number. The cyber criminals aborted this information and dropped the money into the WhatsApp user.

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Official Warnning of the BSI

The Betrugsmasch had in the deprotection space midway through which there was a great deal of concern that the German BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in Informationtechnik) warned of the failed mail. User, who clicked on the link and gave their data pre-posted, should be able to connect with your bank, so the BSI experts.

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