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Nike's Oregon Project – Cain Prosecutions – Sports

In mid-October, the Nike Oregon Project (NOP) was canceled. Previously, Alberto Salazar, founder and mastermind behind the highly effective running training situation because of the world's largest sports company, was banned for four years after a doping study; as does NOP physician Jeffrey Brown. For several years, Salazar had been sending out runners with strangely identical problems with the hormone expert: they all allegedly suffered from thyroid problems, which Dr. Brown then countered with hormone release.

It was just one of the abstruse set by the American Anti-Doping Agency Usada for the Nike project. Salazar's experimental understanding of medicine was also documented in huge carnitine infusions, which he tested on confidence. The alleged dramatic increase in performance that he recommended to Lance Armstrong, the fallen American bicycle hero, who wanted to be the triathlete at the time, he also referred them directly to long-time Nike CEO Mark Parker. The 65-year-old, himself a passionate runner, maintained a close relationship with Salazar. Parker resigned in October, shortly after the completion of the Oregon project. But officially, the company has not distanced itself from Salazar until today. On the contrary. With absurd interpretations, according to which the coach was even washed clean by the doping agent award during the verdict, Nike chained itself to him. And in Salazar's defense, the company has already invested millions.

Salazar and his staff should have driven them to weight loss

In light of Nike's latest statement, the company now sees the new accusations from NOP athlete Mary Cain "take it extremely seriously and study it". Cain had staged shocking things from his time in the project last Thursday in the New York Times : "I was emotionally and physically abused by a system Alberto designed and supported Nike."

As Cain joined the NOP in 201

3, at age 17, she was considered to be the next super athlete. But Salazar and his staff have driven them to weight loss, complaining the 1.70 meter tall athlete. She should not have weighed 52 kg, constantly weighed in front of a team and even humiliated by Salazar in front of an audience. She is also said to have prescribed the head coach the systematic intake of birth control pills and diuretics. Due to the pharmaceutically-driven starvation, she had not had her period of three years and also had five broken bones until she passed out in 2015. The effects of a chronic supply of carbohydrates on bone density and menstruation are proven. While Cain says she ultimately considered suicide, Salazar, like the doping business, rejects all the charges. Cain had never told him about these problems, and he had talked about the weight problem with his father, a doctor.

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