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New Ton Film Festival "Netzhaut" in Wiener Neustadt

LH Mikl-Leitner: Strengthening the role of Lower Austria as a film country

St. Pölten (OTS / NLK) "The success story of Lower Austria is at the narrowest level associated with cultural policy. It ranges from the national lighthouse projects to the many regional initiatives that make art and culture exciting and accessible to all tastes and to those who taste for it, "softwoman Johanna Mikl-Leitner said today at the presentation of the new Ton Film Festivals "Netzhaut" in Wiener Neustadt.

In Wiener Neustadt, over 200,000 visitors had seen the national exhibition "Welt in Motion". "A country exhibition should not, but only as a once in a lifetime experience, provide impetus for a sustained dynamic development. With the new Fabian Eder and Catherine Stemberger curated Ton Film Festival "Netzhaut", a brilliant idea from the baptism today is hoped for, "said the head of the country woman.

" Damit became one of the role of Lower Austria as a film country ", soft Mikl-Leitner and refers to the country-wide summer open-air cinema with a total of 45,000 visitors as well as to the Lower Austrian Film Commission with their Austrian precursor role in climate-neutral film productions. On the other hand, the film festival after the national exhibition, which in Wiener Neustadt is ready to attract tourism, will attract more audiences.

Bürgermeister Klaus Schneeberger spoke of a further Friday day for Wiener Neustadt and the entire region. In terms of use, the casemates were used for the theater project "Wortwiege" and performances by Florian Krumpöck as well as the orchestra artist of the Lower Austria. “With the new film festival in the city theater and in the bürgermeistergarten next to St. Peter in the lock will provide a further aspect to the downtown experience. In the field of film, whose history in the city dates back to the year 1

903, "Netzhaut" is the logical continuation of the former "Frontale" respectively. of "Theater in Film", Schneeberger said.

Filmmaker Florian Eder announced that the first festival will take place between 18 and 21 June 2020, the longest day of the year, over the stage, before the film starts at approx. 21.15 hours a live program will be provided. The festival included a feature film, documentary and after-school series with productions from film schools and, as a basic thought, asked the questions, which were the real ones. was the truth. The detailed program was announced at the end of April 2020.

Seine Gattin, the actress Catherine Stemberger, recalled the aspect of communication in the foreground: "We did not want to witness any elitist event in the ivory tower, without stories of people about people. In podium discussions, the audience should come into direct contact with the filmmakers, so that they will also provide film breakfasts. The concert program will be curated by the Strottern. "

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