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New Mac Pro in the studio of DJ Calvin Harris

MacRumor's colleagues retained a screenshot from Calvin Harris's Instagram story "."

It is not known exactly how the DJ came to the new Mac Pro. We also do not know what equipment the unit has.

Apple and Testimonials

However, it is very possible that Apple "donated" the musician device so that he can get the impression of it. But it is also very likely that Harris is not the only one who has already received such a device in advance.

Apple repeatedly uses celebrities from music, fashion and film as advertising media, so-called "testimonies". You may remember the rapper-dragon or fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who was equipped with expensive, golden Apple Watches when they were not yet on the market.

When will the new Mac Pro come out?

At the end of October, Apple received US FCC approval for the device. Similarly, it may not be long before the desktop Mac is sold. Apple employees have already been prepared. With huge performance data it is also available to buy. Finally, Apple itself announced that it would be released "sometime in the fall."

Mac Pro with tremendous performance

The new Mac Pro is a computer that would have pleased even Steve Jobs. The unit has huge performance data, can provide up to 28 cores, allows up to 1

.5 TB of RAM and up to 4 TB of hard disk space. In addition, several graphics cards can be "connected in series" to summarize their performance and memory.

But that's also part of the truth: the price has been questioned, especially with the monitor's stand and the design laughed delightfully.

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