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Moser wants "a team"

  Justice Minister Moser wants to resume the reform process this fall and announce that the federal government and the states have agreed on competencies.
Justice Minister Moser wants to hear the reform process again this fall and announces that the federal government and the states have agreed on competencies. © APA / Schlager

Justice Minister Josef Moser (ÖVP) announces another attempt to "streamline skills" between the federal government and the states in the fall. Specifically, there should be a clear distribution of areas where the federal government is currently taking "basic laws", which are then made more concrete by the states with "implementing laws". This applies, for example, to minimum wages ("poor beings"), but also to hospitals and power plants ("electricity").

All of these areas are governed by Article 12 of the federal constitution. In a first step, Moser has already proposed "Verländerung" of child and youth care. In the future, the federal states should largely write the rules for their youth care offices themselves. In addition, Moser wants to propose in the autumn a far-reaching centralization of the minimum income protection and hospital legislation: "away from ten laws against a law".

Thus, the federal government could provide countries with the lowest income not only – as currently planned – a framework but also regulate the details. Moser emphasizes, however, that the countries should continue to be able to address specific regional differences. For example, the minister mentions the minimum wage, where the countries continue to pay different levels of housing costs. Whether the legislative powers will be used to shift the corresponding funds to the federal government will be discussed in the autumn talks.

Data protection should also be assigned to the federal government. And in the environmental impact assessment of major infrastructure projects, Moser also wants to "contract" the existing fragments between federal and state procedures. Moser's rejection of the fact that compensation of powers can ultimately lead to misleading labels because statutory acts are replaced by regulations show that the goal is "clear profitability" and that this is achieved through a unified regulation.

As regards the planned decommissioning of EU regulations As regards minimum standards (gold plating), the minister emphasizes that "it is not intended to reduce working time, employment of foreigners or social standards".

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