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"Minecraft Earth": Closed beta is coming soon

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AR-adaptation of the sandbox game comes first on iOS

  AR-Bauklotzen: First testers requested (Photo: Mojang)

AR-Bauklotzen: First testers desired (Photo : Mojang)

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2 / 12.07.2019 / 11:30) – "Pokémon GO" meets virtual building blocks To summarize the game concept "Minecraft Earth" https://earth.minecraft.net Since the first announcement in May is waiting players to see when they can try the expanded reality version of the Sandbox game and now it is time for a first Answer where For two weeks the closed beta version starts, in the first player "Minecraft Earth" one can first test on iOS. The test phase for Android should start shortly thereafter.

Padding always and everywhere

A beta release published Video outlines cards, what so far over AR-Versio n The current ten-year sandstone game from the Microsoft subsidiary Mojang is known. Users can look at a rough pixel in game map that corresponds to the real world, what to discover in their environment, find interesting and useful things in the form of "Tappables" and of course experience adventures together thanks to AR In the real world framework, you create environments in the known "Minecraft" building style.

The message does not yet contain a specific start date for the game, but within the next two weeks, the first closed payment candidates for iOS will be invited, If you want to sit, you must be at least 18, apply via a website, use a device with iOS 10 or higher and have a Microsoft or Xbox Live account. Relatively soon, at least this summer, will be followed by an Android beta (operating system version 7 or later).


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