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Micro-solar eclipse in Vienna – Wiener Zeitung Online

Vienna. "We were able to observe the beginning of the Merkur transit well," said Alexander Pikhard, chairman of the Vienna Working Group for Astronomy (WAA), Monday afternoon on "relatively few clouds". With about ten telescopes, amateur astronomers observed the rare micro-solar eclipse at Vienna's Sophienalpe in Vienna-Penzing despite the cold and wind.

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3:35, the planet Mercury began to push itself toward the solar disk. Until sunset at. 16:22, the small black disk in the solar system will pull over the sun – almost like a micro-solar eclipse. "Fortunately, we can actually see it to the end," said Pikhard, who was only worried about cirrus clouds on the southwest front of APA.

You can see a Mercury transit only with the telescope because of the look of the sun – must be equipped with special filters. The reason is the smallness of the planet and its long distance to earth.

Mercury is the planet closest to the sun and only needs 88 days to travel around the sun (Earth: 365 days). Only 13 to 14 times per century it passes from the earth, just in front of the solar disk. The last time such a Merkur transit would be seen in 2016, the next time will take place until 2032. (monkey)

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