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Mask: Number of infections has calmed down, warns WHO

The one woolen their children's cousin impfen, which others have no money for the fabric: The Roughness of the Masking Field has been drastically staged by World Health Organization (WHO). The number reported by January to March four times so high was the happy newspaper of the spring [1706500] 170 countries reported that around 112,000 attacks, compared with 28,000 years past. The official case still lies deftly higher, warned the WTO. You know that only one particular case is reported. A WHO expert estimates that in recent years, two million with mask are infected.

In the past year, those who sold the field still had to quit the WHO Zahlen. Until 201

6, these Zahlen were still popular.

If the number of cracks is strong, it is normal. Come to an outlet, snatch the Zahlen in the hill. However, the actual Zahlen is aiming for a "final development", argues the WHO. Due to the consequences Impfen could have suffered from the disease. Originally, this soul should have been shaken for years.

Anchoring ratio 95%

Maser is one of the most striking diseases of the world and potentially dangerous, such as the WHO. If a person in contact with a person who is not protected by an infection or an existing infection, acknowledges this with a probability of 95%,

2017 estimates estimate 110,000 men have died. Most of them are small children, among others in Madagascar, on the Philippines, in Congo and in Ukraine. Also in the USA you will find Masernaus brunches. The City of New York suspended the exception for Brooklyn County, 19659005, associates of Hirn Sheaths contracted or blinded, and warned, WHO. This disorder could be prevented by two-person impfen, but only 85% of the people in the world gained the worst and 67% of the second impression.

In Germany, the trend in previous years was reversible: Nearly 930 machine cases in 2017, Angaben of the Robert Koch-institutes in the year 2018 became known as 540 fields.

In this year, one could call his Fallzahlen, who most fell Fellle words bisher from Nordrhein-Westfalen, Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony and Bayern were reported. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) has tried out compulsory childrens' implements for children in kitas and schools. Brandenburg has prepared a mandatory immobilization for kitakinder, which is why the WHO is the most important importer in industrial nations and in Arab countries. In poor world-renowned people, many people have been suffering from Zugang zur Masernimpfung, criticizing the WHO.

So äußern sich Masern

The World Health Organization has included the prevention or recovery of implements in the list of global health concerns. From the perspective of experts, there is a single major risk to global health of Ebola, antibiotic resistance and air pollution.

Masking feathers were carried over small Tröpfchen in the air during speech, house or sneezing. The excitement is most likely to be associated with symptomatic symptoms, and includes a characteristic skin ulcer. The infection weakens the immune system immensely, the infection infecting the darum. An afflicted follower is an epileptic disorder, which can endure nasal or epidermal necephalitis.

As a consequence of a nasal infection, so-called subacute sclerosing Pan-sephalitis (SSPE) can be imaged, a disinfectant of the nerve cells of the brain. des Rückenmarks. Provides Outcome Of Hearing Functions And Certainly To Todd.

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