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Maidan during the vote – Wiener Zeitung Online

It really is not a joke: Ukraine's new president is called Volodymyr Selenskyj. The popular comedian swept the existing Petro Poroshenko into the election on the Easter Sunday directly from the throne: About 73 percent are said to have received the man from Krivyj Rih's first departure poll. The experienced Poroshenko, an ancient war dog of Ukrainian politics, on the other hand, cut it very modestly by about 25 percent. Even in the nationally-oriented West, Poroshenko's stronghold, Selenskyj is said to have received the majority of votes.

Poroshenko's emotional involvement in the television duel on Friday night at the Kiev Olympic Stadium did not help the existing president either: the Ukrainians obviously have enough of their entire political class. After the Orange Revolution and Euromaidan, the revolution now took place in the voice box.

Lack of political experience

With Selenskyj, a committed non-politician becomes Ukrainian head of state. Even before he announced his candidacy, the comedian had cited his lack of experience in politics as a plus. The majority of Ukrainians have agreed to this view ̵

1; although the lack of experience as a political police in a country like Ukraine, which is still at war, is not a recommendation in itself. Until today, Selenskyj is one thing above all:

A well-known popular figure who left much in the way of his election campaign promised little concrete, except for the better, equal to a magician. This enabled their constituents to project their respective ambitions into the youth dynamic candidate, who is at least one of them: an oligarch, or somehow a member of the hated political caste, who in the 1990s enriched himself at the expense of the majority. of Ukrainians.

Bouncy air balloon

The jump slopes Selenskyj, who climbed to the heights of light in the election, could also quickly blow up again: For then, when the showmaster must explain what politics he really wants to use. It will depend on whether the political newcomer has modesty to be led by a competent advisory staff – or does he appear in his television series: Since his television star Vasili Goloborodko had him with a Ukraine A squad of low-spirited but honest amateurs – something that won't work that way in the real world. Although his foreign minister, who hardly left an idiot on the international scene, had the greatness of trust, after some friction, his rather annoying but professional assistant.

If Selenskyj has a good team, his presidency can be a success – if, like many beginners, he runs a bumpy policy with the hassle, probably the next hope in Ukraine will fail.

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