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Mahrer requests "residence permit for asylum seekers in education" "DiePresse.com

Turquoise Blue wants to remove the decree from 2012, allowing asylum seekers up to 25 years to learn in a lack of job. Because it could not be the one who "exploits" the rule of law in this way. "Deputy Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) said Monday evening in the ORF" Summer Speech. " "The situation of the Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce, Harald Mahrer, on Tuesday in the Ö1" Morning Record. "

" We actually have a very high shortage of skilled workers, but it is important to distinguish between two things: the situation in the labor market and the right to asylum, "Mahrer said, quoting himself at the same time," Law must always be right in the field of asylum. "That's what he said throughout the summer.

However, according to Mahrer, the second part of the sentence always went down:" In exact cases about a third of the 1000s, who would have had a negative asylum decision, but "very committed", there is "even in the present system the possibility of having a humanitarian" It would "also offer a solution in these cases." It is, however, "always case study."

"Blend of Immigrant Asylum Issues"

Question about whether the German model could be a model for Austria – according to which expulsion was temporarily interrupted Too long asylum seekers are in vocational education (usually taking three years) and at least two years thereafter – Mahrer said: "We have always demanded: we want our own residence permit for apprenticeship education, it is for students, for students. "In other words, the" red and white red "card, which has its" quirks "but is good from the basic idea. In this regard, his appeal is:" We need a total package solution. "

This Rector has announced that the asylum seekers as for Currently, in an apprentice, this can also be done, Mahr did not want to evaluate the radio frequency, definitely: Do not mix the asylum with the immigrant. "

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