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Luke Mockridge walks on Thomas Gottschalk's track

In his comedy show "LUKE! The Greatnightshow", Luke Mockridge follows in the footsteps of Thomas Gottschalk and hosts a TV venture …

Luke Mockridge succeeds Thomas Gottschalk in "Wetten, dass ..?" – In the next installment of his already recorded SAT.1 comedy show "LUKE! The Great Night Show", which airs on Friday, September 20, 8:15 pm, the comedian is trying to do just that: When the station lets preview it, Mockridge was loaded with Boris Becker a prominent betting sponsor and repeated a bet already in 1997 in the real "Wetten, dass ..?" Highlight: The candidates of the time, Friedhelm, Jan and Brian, now again bet that they would catch wheat beer glasses, which are thrown from a height of five meters. At that time the candidates did not, now they try a second time. If Wettpate Becker is wrong in his assumption, he would have to sing a song live with the band Fettes Brot.

Thus, the comedian again takes the lead on ZDF: Just a few weeks ago, Mockridge had taken on the transmitter, In a dubious performance in the "ZDF-TV garden" insulted 30-year-old seniors, jumped with acoustic sound across the stage and cracked jokes until moderator Andrea Kiewel walked in and angrily referred him to the stage

But even though Mockridges bet on Yet there should be a little comeback for everyone "Wetten, dass ..?" ̵

1; Fans – and really with Thomas Gottschalk: At the beginning of the year, ZDF announced that he would be his 70s. Birthday 2020 will host a ZDF show that "bets it ..?" should be difficult. The entertainer's birthday is May 18, but when the show is shown it's not known yet.

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