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Lufthansa changes the terms of frequent flyer programs

From 2021 onwards, status points must be paid to at least half of the Group's own premium airlines, as well as Austrian, and even in honor of the "she" status.

Lufthansa will change the terms of its frequent flyer program in early 2021. According to information from "Handelsblatt" on Monday, it will be more difficult in the future to achieve a status as "Frequent Traveler", "Senator" or "She". With frequent flyer status, various benefits are associated such as lounge access or preferred boarding for air travel.

At least half of the necessary status points must be earned by the group's own premium airlines, such as Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian, as the Frankfurt group reported. The status "She" also requires points for the premium airlines. On the other hand, air travel with other partners in the global "Star Alliance" is no longer counted. In addition, the score should only be spent after 8 instead of 20 categories, a spokeswoman explained.

The system of the so-called pricing environment, with which customers can buy tickets or goods, remains unchanged.

(APA / dpa)

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