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Ludwig breaks the silence «DiePresse.com

In Causa over controversial zoning and donations to the voluntary organization of former Green Planning spokesman Christoph Chorherr, Mayor Michael Ludwig made a statement on Friday for the first time: "Of course, the authorities concerned are fully cooperating with the investigating authorities. And since the investigation began in 2017, Ludwig told the "press".

At the same time, he attacked the opposition who had criticized him in this Causa: "That I am in principle full transparency in some way, should not surprise. For where the opposition calls and announces only publicity, I took the necessary steps to provide transparency. "

Green federal spokesman Werner Kogler explained in" standard "chat: That it supported the Chorherr Club also donations by Real Estate Company had been a" serious political mistake ". At the same time, Kogler pointed out that the ads were introduced years ago.

Return rowing

Vienna's Neos club manager Christoph Wiederkehr has his charges, according to which the contractor Erwin Soravia or one of his companies donated to Chorher's project and for a zoning for the "Donau Flats" project had been withdrawn. Soravia had threatened Neos with a lawsuit.
Businessman Michael Tojner confirmed that he had not donated to a charity organization by Chorherr, nor would there be any benefits in the files. the Heumarkt project he initiated. (Eds.) [19659003] [19659007] (Stu) [19659008]
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