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Louis Tomlinson's sister dies at the age of 18

Louis Tomlinson lost his mother to cancer less than three years ago. Now the only direction is the star's grief for her sister. Félicité died at the age of 18.

In December 2016, Johannah, mother of Louis Tomlinson, died of cancer. Now the younger sister of the music is dead. Like the promo "TMZ" she reported, among other things, having died at the age of 18 from the effects of myocardial infarction.

According to the report, she died on Wednesday in her apartment in London. She had collapsed after a heart attack, someone had been with her and had called the emergency call. But all attempts to revive her failed and caused her to be killed on the spot.

Successful as Influencer

Félicité Tomlinson would just release his own clothesline. Fizzy should be their label – as Félicité is called by friends and family. Besides working as a designer, she was also an influence. On Instagram you follow over 1.4 million people. In addition, they should have planned to publish a book with their own poems

Louis Tomlinson and his younger sister Félicité should have had a very close relationship with each other and have always visited if they were both London. The 27-year-old singer of One Direction is the eldest of eight siblings. Félicité comes from his mother Johannah's second marriage.

Right now, Louis Tomlinson has released the song "Two of Us", which he dedicated to his deceased mother. On Friday night, a combat concert was actually planned. This and other dates have now been canceled. Musicians are only with their family.

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