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Leipzig Media Prize for Armin Wolf and two German journalists

Leipzig – The Leipzig Prize for Media Freedom and Future 2019 goes to the ZIB2 presenter Armin Wolf and the German journalists Arndt Ginzel and Gerald Gerber. Thus, the jury announced "a clear sign of freedom of the press and a free, unscrupulous and undamaged work" by journalists, which the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig announced on Tuesday. The prize, with a total of EUR 30,000, will be presented in Leipzig on October 8th.

Wolf is a news broker and deputy editor of ORF. He runs "independent journalism with an open visor". His democratic attitude and his enlightened inquiries made him an important protagonist in the freedom of expression and the press in his country's media. The jury justified his decision.

Discussion on press freedom

Thanks to Ginzel and Gerber's work, the discussion on press freedom, the protection of journalists and the management of violent critics will be strengthened. The TV journalist and the cameraman had published their control over a police demonstration on the border of a Pegida demonstration in Dresden.

Since 2001, the Media Prize has been awarded to journalists who are exclusively distinguished and often under the deterrent to protecting their own welfare for media freedom and independent reporting. (AP) [19659006]
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