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Laurent Simons: Eighty Secondary School and now wants to study


Laurent Simons Eight-year graduates from high school and now want to study

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Eighty-year-old academics and do not know what to do

Laurent Simons from Bruges holds his high school diploma in his hands at the age of only eight. Consequently, he celebrates euphoric like Newton or Einstein. Laurent himself seems a bit random

While other children still learned to read and write, Laurent Simons from Bruges in Belgium has already prepared for the exam. Now, with only eight years, he holds the certificate in his hands.

M Six years old, Laurent Simons, now eight years old, graduated from elementary school and went to high school. Within a year and a half, he raced through the school's planned six years. Now he is a graduate from high school. Along with 18-year-olds. Belgium celebrates its new genius euphoric: Bruge's super boy makes headlines all over the world and is already trading as Newton or Einstein.

He was bored in elementary school, Laurent said at his first press conference. The teachers always took so long to answer the students' questions. Therefore he often entered.

The boy is considered very talented with an intelligence ratio of at least 145. You can not reach more points in an IQ test – it broke the scale. An estimated two and a half percent of people worldwide have an IQ of over 130, thus fulfilling the requirements for talent.

His son had trouble playing with other children, father Alexander Simons told Belgian television RTBF. Laurent sometimes did not even know how some games are running. The child is particularly interested in learning.

His favorite subject is matte. It's so versatile, enthusiasm the eight-year-old: "There are statistics, geometry and algebra, just so many different orientations."

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Now Laurent has to wait two months. After the semester he can start studying. What field of study he chooses is not certain yet: his parents must first aim through the many offers from universities in Belgium and abroad who want to recognize the boy.

Laurent himself wants to become a surgeon or astronaut, he has already announced at the age of six. His father would support him in everything, he says – even though his son changes his mind again and rather does an apprentice like carpenter: "The main part is he happy."

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