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Kurz focuses on climate protection in the election campaign

The parties are working on their electoral programs for the parliamentary elections in the autumn – but they should be presented early in the summer. But the first focus is already on – and this shows the greater importance of environmental policy that has already been observed in the election to the EU. ÖVP wants to emphasize, for example, climate protection more strongly. FPÖ has previously announced similar things.

Chief of the ÖVP Short on the first election campaign

The start of the intensive election campaign is only expected after the summer, but the ÖVP is already particularly busy. Party leader Sebastian Kurz has renounced his national council's mandate and has instead started a first election campaign tour. And the Folk Party also announced its first election campaign problems on Thursday.

Main topics of work, health and care, Europe and climate protection

Kurz wants to use ex-government services to promote the return to the office (family bonus, zero deficit and restrictive immigration policy). On the other hand, the great problems and challenges of the future should be promoted in shaping the electoral program, as it is called in a broadcast. ÖVP understands this as a five-fold priority, including classics such as work, health and care, Europe and the fight against political Islam, as well as climate and environmental protection.

Climate protection is no longer a single domain of green

ÖVP does not mention the content data and refers to the election program that is expected at the end of August / beginning of September. In any case, it is clear that climate protection will no longer be an exclusive domain for the greens in the coming Nationalrat election. FP chief Norbert Hofer has recently announced climate protection as one of his priorities. A clear contrast to his predecessor Heinz-Christian Strache, who always questioned the artificial global warming.

A possible background to this change in relation to environmental policy is the changed situation compared to the last parliamentary election in 201

7: According to the SORA vote on elections, environmental protection was chosen only ten of the most discussed topics in the election campaign from 2017 – this year was the EU's election campaign environment and climate protection one of the three top themes, ex. equality with social policy and immigration. Conversely, immigration has lost some importance in the electorate's eyes, because in 2017, "asylum and migration" was by far the most discussed campaign topic before social benefits and security.

With big future topics for the election victory?

ÖVP wants to "continue the path of change". In addition to climate protection, in particular the preservation of Austrian identity, a changed Europe, health and care and jobs as well as good education, will be the central topics in the election campaign.

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