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Kollegah takes a stand on his own message of death

Death Message

It's hardly a more cruel thought than reading from his own death message – but that's exactly what happened to rapper Kollegah yesterday! After this rumor spread in various Whatsapp groups since July 5, the topic of course became yesterday.

As you can see from Google Trends, Kollegah was the third most searched topic on the search engine yesterday, The starting point seems to be a hoax, which is said to have spread to either Instagram, WhatsApp or a press release from a major news site.

If rumors really come from can not be clarified. At least it is a good example of how quickly such reports can spread. According to Google, more than 20,000 people searched the topic yesterday.

Yesterday's Google Trends

Google Trends


A look at the manager's Instagram account would have been enough to see that he is good and has good health. Now, the 34-year-old takes a direct stance on the subject and assures his fans that he is alive. The rapper takes things with humor. Yet, it is really crazy if you have to refuse your own death message.

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