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Knit in the heart of William

Radio Still with William and Harry

Duchess Meghan is blamed for the fact that the mood with William and Harry is tipped. Apparently, Kate's husband secretly opposed his sister-in-law. He is said to have hinted at the beginning of the relationship that he thought the redhead and the former actress were too urgent.

But when did the brothers, who until now reconcile a heart and a soul ? It may take some time …

ER is the most popular male Royal

Daily Mail reports that it has revealed that the Queen is the most popular royal member . No surprise! As the second most popular woman, Kate follows, who should still be more popular than Meghan ̵

1; no surprise.

However, the evaluation of the men has revealed that the most popular man is not William but red-haired Harry . This information should give the British heir to the throne a stick. After all, William is said to rule the country as king – to be less popular than his own brother, would be a tough piece for him .

After Harry and William, Kate (as the second most popular woman), Prince Philip and only then Meghan reaches popularity scale – in seventh place is Prince Charles and eleventh place Camilla. Up!

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