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Kimberger: "That way everyone will lose" | Tiroler Tageszeitung Online

By Karin Leitner

Vienna – Not only red professional representatives like what comes from the government, more and more blacks are angry. So also the head of the primary school teacher association, Paul Kimberger. He is shocked at how ÖVP and FPÖ deal with the social partners, especially those with the employees.

The OVP Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants to release this, he has already told before the election. In terms of 1

2 hours, he has done it now. This change has been decided without agreement with the social partners in Parliament.

"I criticized Kurz for his statements on social partnership during the parliamentary election campaign," said Kimberger in an interview with the newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung. What's happening now is "to him" a very doubtful and bad development. The social partnership is a success model envied by Austria – as different interests are clarified at the negotiating table. Strike can be measured in minutes or even seconds in this country. "

directed to Kurz and FPÖ Deputy Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, Kimberger is:" These gentlemen should consider that you can only make reforms with the people, not against them. It will not work. "It was not advisable to ignore protests like the demonstration of 100,000 people against" flexibility of working time. "" There is room for improvement everywhere. But some reforms have recently been anything but an improvement for the people in our country. "He feared that" that way, everyone will lose, "says the ÖVP man.

He was asked by many people:" How do you feel like a Christian union member like the government over the people drüberfährt? "He replied," I feel I am bad, because I see measures such as the reduction of minimum security very skeptical. Because the weakest suffer. But we should take care of the weak ones. The reduction in minimum wage affects our children immediately. It will be noted in schools that there is again more child poverty in Austria. Such a thing should not exist in a rich country like Austria. "

Kimberger also warns the rulers in another case. Ilse Rollett, director of a scientific primary school, has announced via Falter that the head of the Education Education Minister Heinz Faßmann, Deputy Secretary-General at the Department, another minister and an inspector at the last The day before summer vacation has come to school. They would have told her that she must follow laws. And: "Because of my public statements, there will be a need for a common wording at the start of school this fall." During a panel discussion she had said : "I really do not do German funding courses." From Faßmann's Emissary Rollett, she feels under pressure; she identifies "an attempt to threat." Their statement justifies them as follows: Unlike new upper secondary schools, AHS can only accept extraordinary students unless they need reject the real ones. "In my place, demand is so high that I can not accept extraordinary students your. Only these come in German classes. "

What does Kimberger say about this case?" When officials visit schools, they should first look at the realities there. They should use the visit to support and assist teachers and leaders – and to provide the necessary resources. When they come to schools to discipline and direct a director, they have probably completely misunderstood their job. "Kimberger does not particularly like the German language courses:" I welcome any initiative to promote language, but German language courses are not what we wanted because you can not rely on existing language-promoting models already in many places – and as works very well. "

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