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Jeanette Biedermann sings old song

The last evening of "Sing mein Song" is full of surprises: Jeanette Biedermann reconciles, Michael Patrick Kelly speaks plain text and in the end there is an unexpected encore.

The eighth and last episode "Sing My Song" begins with the first song, which was performed at the beginning of the season. On the night of the duet, Wincent Weiss sings his hit "Music Sein" with Milow – in German and English. Then 26-year-old Jennifer Haben continues on "Plans."

"Sing my song": Johannes Oerding in original Alvaro clothing (Source: TVNOW / Markus Hertrich)

Johannes Oerding takes care of the evening's laughter, Who in Alvaro Solers outfit sings the song "Kreise" with this song "I felt like a drug master", he jokes after the performance The top can only Jeanette Biedermann, who has been back for more than a decade to one of her

Jeanette Biedermann with her " reconciliation song "

" Sing my song ": In collaboration with Johannes Oerding, Jeanette Bidermann sings" Rock my life "(Source: TVNOW / Markus Hertrich)

Together with Johannes Oerding," Rock my life "sings. "I fell in love with this song again. I didn't sing it for twelve years. This is a mega-premiere," she confesses, and this song is also a highlight of Oerding. "This is my absolute love version of the whole season, I have such a pleasure singing this song. "

After the gig from Michael Patrick Kelly for the obligatory flutes – for tonight's best song. "I thought it was sensational. Two years ago I also had a story about reconciliation with a song that I couldn't hear anymore and didn't want to sing anymore. It was" An Angel "and I think it was so similar for Jeanette today "The singer can only confirm it." It's a kind of reconciliation song. I mean you love the old songs, but it's just an overdose sometime and then you can't identify with it after twenty years – and now can I do it again, she says.

Michael Patrick Kelly speaks plain text

"Sing my song": Alvaro Solar's outfit on his night found Michael Patrick Kelly hideous. (Source: TVNOW / Markus Hertrich)

Michael Patrick Kelly then sings with the youngest participant ever to attend the "Sing My Song" was: Jennifer Haben Along with the 23-year-old, he rocks the song "Unbroken" and jokes afterwards: "Now I need another six-year-old monastery. "

Before Alvaro Soler and Milow afterward the song" Lay "You Worry," said Michael Patrick Kelly's dictionary, because one thing disturbed him a lot about Alvaro Soler. "The jacket in the evening didn't work," he admits, but the other artists can't understand this criticism. 19659015] The actual last song in the evening sings by Jeannette Biedermann and Michael Patrick Kelly with "ID" – and Jeanette's husband Jörg on the guitar play. But to everyone's surprise there is a bonus bonus with an Oerding song that hasn't even been sung on the show yet. With "I don't want to go home yet", Kelly and Oerding say goodbye – and in the end, all artists are grumpy and a little witnessed in their arms.

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