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Jarolim to ÖVP: Disrupting the judicial system is unacceptable

"Judicial and necessary work by the courts is not a campaign of rubbish"

Vienna (OTS / SK) SPÖ spokesman Hannes Jarolim turned to experiments with sharp words OVP, to condemn the judicial investigations of tearers as "election campaign Daubkübel campaign". Jarolim urged the OVP to "return to the rule of law". "Dirty bucket in the election campaign" could be used when parties are acting unjustly and incorrectly against other constituencies. "The necessary and legitimate work of the judiciary should not be questioned by anyone unless they want to shake the foundation of our state," Jarolim said. His demand: "Stay away from the prosecutor for the economy and corruption! No more terrorist attempts against the judicial system!" ****

Jarolim also quoted a comment in today's "Standard": "OVP is furious with this" incredible dirt bucket election campaign ". What is happening right now? The OVP questions the judiciary's work, determines the results of the investigation, orders the prosecutor's party and arbitrariness. A notorious blame," the comment states. "This is all to sign," Jarolim says. (Conclusion) ah / op

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