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Jake and Elwood in the fight against the evil "Volkstrara"

Her look: cool. Her outfit: black. Your mission: to bless the world with blues. Since 1980, brothers Jake and Elwood Blues, created by American comedians John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, have been traveling "by Lord & # 39; s order." This duo led the duo to Linz Theater Phoenix on Thursday. There, the premiere of "The Return of the Blues Brothers" (written and directed by Harald Gebhartl) as a jiggly musical revue.

Gebhartl sent the slightly petty actor Sven Sorring (Jake) and David Fuchs (Elwood) to a 95-minute performance Odyssey through the abyss of the Austrian soul. Newly released from Häf & # 39; it takes the Bluesbrüder to Austria, ruled by the unfortunate "Alpine king" (Tom Pohl). He not only terrorizes his right hand, "Brennerin" (Marion Reiser), with his paranoia, but also the people with hearty "Volkstrara", blurting out from the speakers.

Clearly, blues can be such a musical horror Brothers don't tolerate! Together with a bunch of like-minded people ̵

1; the wonderful "professor" (Gilbert Handler), Heitzer (Markus Hamele), Gretel (a lovely traveler Nadine Breitfuß) and Brammer (Felix Rank) – they form a combination for the king through a revolutionary concert [19659004] Where is it just blues?

Gebhartl staged the road to this after a tough start as a thoroughly lively music-gaudi, peppered with gags and political hints, which are often only very close to the Kalauer border the verbal comb drummed. On the other hand, the selection of music was less appropriate than many nonsense. The Clash, Bowie, T. Rex, David Lee Roth – as an oldies playlist that was okay, with the brothers' original mission of bringing Chicago and Memphis hot blues to the crowd, but it had nothing left to do. The fact that the ensemble's singing art is not far off (exception: Gilbert Handler) was only partially helpful in this context. As harmless fun, "Blues Brothers" but also in this incarnation.

Conclusion: Nice music fun with only partially coherent choices of songs.

world premiere: "The Return of the Blues Brothers" by Harald Gebhartl, Phoenix Theater, 19. 9., 27 more performances to 3. 11.

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