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Italian Tradition Club US Palermo is bankrupt

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US Palermo is history. The Italian Tradition Association, represented in Serie A by 2017, is bankrupt.

A Sicilian court has declared this status and thus defeated the end of the United Kingdom, which has existed under various names since 1900. As US Palermo has entered into a random pink-playing club since 1987, already a failed excuse policy necessarily necessitated the rebuilding. abend, but this offer is rejected as too low.

His father took over the United States in 2002 and led the Sicilians in the highest playing class, against running in balance for more seasons, however, all procedures – due to the fact that this was required in many cases Serie D disembark, where the successor club SSD Palermo is beaten at the top of Group I.

The 78-year-old, who under high financial players such as Luca Toni or Amauri after Palermo, was his hat for two years. He was also known as a "trainer-killer", in the 14 years under his leadership no fewer than 35 coaches had to leave the club.

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