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Isolated Family: Auch Father in Detention, Further Child Writing Letter

Ruinerwold, Vienna – In case of isolation on a family living in the Netherlands, the prosecutor's office informed on Twitter on Friday that it is only responsible for communication. On Thursday, the U-detention will be suspended over the Austrian state and also arrested the 67-year-old father. There is also suspicion of custody, abuse and money laundering.

The latter was charged with the suspects, as the investigators also secured a large sum of cash on the railing. Among the six young adults who may be detained at the Farm Court in the Dutch province of Drenthe for nine years, they deal with four women and two men aged 18 to 25 years. The reported deputy police chief in Drenthe, Janny Knol, in Dutch television. They would have told police that the 67-year-old told his father. As far as age was concerned, fatherhood was also the object of investigations. There was no entry in the birth register confirming the age-old claims.

 Der Bauernhof, where six people over nine years were obviously insulated

Der Bauernhof, six men over nine years apparently 19659005] – dpa

A probe team with a total of 30 officials has been entrusted with the investigations, which forensic investigation of the Bauernhofs will be continued on Friday, the Dutch police wrote in one position. On the court, children should be housed for years in an enclosed insulated room with multiple chambers, Knol reported. In the garden, however, they say that if they had, they would never leave the country.

Relatives reported in a letter to Wort

On Thursday evening, more media were published in addition to a writing, by "Brothers, sisters and one Son of the 67-year-old tribe. The writing, which is made public on the Web site of the "Daily newspaper of the North", among others, contains the Bitte, which respect privacy. The case has been taken to the notice with an astonishment and said for a few days by a family member about the identity of the Ruinerwold prisoners. The 67-year-old should be prepared by the 1980s to have severed connections to his relatives. For eight years, then, they will have three of their nine children taken away from me. Since they would not have known, had been from the still healthy father and siblings.

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As the mother of the now 67-year-old 2017 dies, so the grandmother of the children, who should have sought the authorities to ascertain the whereabouts of the son, had never been so.

Großvater was a writer

Who of Courier reports, the family in the letter expresses the hope that the missing child is now being helped. The father of the 67-year-old, a well-known writer in the Netherlands, said, lived in a closed facility and would not get into his family with more of the drama. The statement of "Brothers, Sisters and a Son" of the 67-year-old is signed,

No further information about Austrian life

If the Austrian suspect was involved, so the Austrian Federal Criminal Office (BK) to uphold the Dutch authorities. For privacy reasons, the media was provided with no further information on the whereabouts of the 58-year-old suspect, soft-spoken BK spokesman Vincent Kriegs-Au said Friday on the APA. On Thursday, it was reported by the Land Criminal Office (LKA) Upper Austria that the suspect was born in the town of Waldhausen in the district of Perg.

He inherited a small farmhouse in Pabneukirchen and sold it in 1983, then according to LKA, he was supposed to be transferred to Vienna. According to APA research, the man then returned to Upper Austria and officially lived until 2010 for about ten years again in a market town in the Perg district, then followed the final emigration in the Netherlands.

Father of the children was a short member of the Moon- Sect

For possible religious backgrounds, the United Church of Austria, which is also known by the name "Moon Sect," wrote in a statement on Friday that the Father of the Child "In the mid-1980s was a short member of our movement, and that he is suffering from mental health problems ”. He resigned from the organization in 1987. His brother said he is still a member of the United Church, but since 1984 he has not heard more from his brother. The 58-year-old Austrian said neither associated with the United Church nor said a member. Whether "a certain belief" sticks behind the case is further the object of the investigation. (APA / TT.com)


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