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Is fruit juice good for children?

How much juice does a child drink?

Although several medical societies have warned of the potential health problems with high fruit juice consumption in children in the past, many parents still consider fruit juices to be quite healthy drinks suitable for children, in a recent press release, the Medical Director of the Living Program explains , Dr. Ing. Donald Hensrud, how much fruit juice is most suitable for children.

Fruit juice drinks for children are often marketed by the manufacturers with health benefits and are presented in increasingly new variations, which are aimed at, for example, infants. However, the fruit juice drinks are only suitable for children in a very limited dose. Hensrud. In addition, the nutritional value is often very low and the drinks contain a lot of sugar.

Fruit juices are not suitable for covering daily fluid intake. (Photo: mahey / fotolia.com)

"Sugar water without many nutrients"

Although the label says "100% juice", there are good reasons to limit consumption, reports the Mayo Clinic. "I put fruit juice in the same category as sugar sweetened beverages when it is highly processed," Dr. Donald Hensrud. For example, apple juice is basically "sugar water without many nutrients." Orange juice with pulp contains a bit more nutrients, but eating an orange and drinking a glass of water is still the much healthier way.


According to the Mayo Clinic, young children should drink a maximum of about 180 ml of juice per day, older children a maximum of about 240 ml. It seems "we do our children a favor by giving them fruit juice, but in principle we have to limit the consumption of all juice drinks because it is extra calories," Dr. Hensrud.

Negative effects of fruit juice consumption

Previous research has already shown that researchers have various negative health effects of high fruit juice consumption. These go so far that a study in May this year has also recently associated an increased early risk of dying with high consumption of fruit juice. Overall, fruit juices are quite unsuitable for meeting daily fluid needs, but they can be an enrichment when it comes to a healthy diet in small amounts. (fp)


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