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IoT FinTech launches millions of investments | Thinking ahead together for the future of the industry! | Files

The Austrian FinTech launch line Linx4 offers a pay-per-use financing platform for machines and systems in collaboration with financial institutions and machine manufacturers (OEMs). Linx4 is now expanding its offering with the establishment of an investment fund (linx4 – Equipment Finance Fund 1) for institutional investors who want to participate in the attractive asset class and other IoT-based financial products. The start has now secured an investment with seven figures and strong expertise in the financial sector for further development of the platform and the development of the fund.

The Linx4 platform, headquartered in Vienna, was founded in late 2018 by the grandson team Paul and Michael Bruckberger. linx4 offers machine users the opportunity to finance or rent production machines on a pay-per-use basis. FinTech connects data from Industry 4.0 to the financial world through innovative contract intermediaries.

The trend towards digital and flexible financing services in modern production is further driven by the Corona crisis. By combining data from Industry 4.0 and modern financing methods, FinTech linx4 succeeds in providing great added value to this ecosystem. The Linx4 platform allows machine users to finance machines on a usage basis. This means that cash flows can be optimized and there is a transition from fixed costs (CAPEX) to use-based, variable costs (OPEX). In addition, the financing enables a purchase that does not affect the balance sheet.

Machine manufacturers (OEMs) benefit from additional sales opportunities and business models by being able to offer their customers new financing models in collaboration with linx4. With the help of linx4, financial investors can deliver the right financing solutions for Industry 4.0 and gain access to an attractive asset class. You benefit from the innovative, database-based financing algorithms implemented by linx4̵

7;s contract intermediary. Thanks to the broad database, risks can be priced and managed better over time.

In addition to established financial institutions such as banks or leasing companies, insurers, private equity investors and family offices in particular have shown interest in participating in this new type of financing. Linx4 can now also serve this interest through the investment fund and enable third-party investors to enter the machine financing market.

Not only are the founders of linx4 convinced that data-driven financing products and tools will play an important role in the future of the corporate coffers, but also the well-known financial service providers that linx4 works with. FinTech operates in a market that, from the point of view of financial institutions and institutional investors, constitutes an important and important growth market. With an investment of several million dollars, the company intends to further expand its market leadership and scale it to other countries.

Paul Bruckberger, CEO and founder of linx4, is proud of the team and goes on to say that this fantastic round of funding confirms the path they have taken so far and reflects the trust of their customers and partners. The founders are convinced that “by investing millions in our vision, they will get one step closer and revolutionize machine financing operations using data-driven financing products and algorithms”. The seven-figure investment is also intended to expand the team.

Four business angels from the international finance, insurance and investment sectors are involved in the current financing round: Rolf Steffens, Peter Oser, Markus Buncsak and a well-known American FinTech investor. In addition to sufficient capital, linx4 was able to bring with it the necessary international experience and specific specialist knowledge in the company. In addition, the company was able to secure additional financing with aws Seedfinancing financing program. Investors around Rolf Steffens see linx4 not only as a technology leader but also as “the first FinTech startup that has managed to combine industrial IoT data with financial products to offer pay-per-use financing in a scalable form in the market. Can”.

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