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Instructions for trees: Fennesz presents his album "Agora"

Fennesz Fifteenth Solar Platform puts sound engineering a bridge to Vorgänger dar. "It's one of the isolation albums," said the musician, who repeatedly asked for a long studio space, said: "I needed a replacement". For "Agora", the folding room is studio-designed. Many instruments are not packed out of the ground. "The situation was not optimal, not even so bad. Really, it was so very angry, suddenly in a different social context that was fun. I was co-operative during the 90s. "1997 nahm with the debut album" Hotel Paral .lel "everything says Anfang. Thereby Fennesz with "Endless Summer" (2001

). Seither, 56-year-olds are in favor of the most important protagonists of the home and international electronics. Especially in Asian space, especially in Japan as master, it is demanded the sensational frequency shift and the smoothed Noise-Sounds. Such collaborations with artist were Sparklehorse, Ryuichi Sakamoto or the Grammy Pre-Chief Jim O'Rourke has made a significant contribution to this.

The E-guitar and the the two most important Hilfsmittel, with Fennesz sees imposing sound landscapes. Once the guitar finishes are annoyed, the sound is driven by power, coated with filters, increased and de-energized. On "Agora" you will find barely Platz for Brachial Sounds, which dominate intimate and distressed sound structures, which, despite the enormous dense and musical complexity, evoke a sense of illusion. Music, which is beautiful. Einfach zuhören – und nichts dabei machen

Tip: Heute, Donnerstag, spielt Fennesz live im Wiener Volkstheater . Beginning: 20 Hours.

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