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Instead of "Pokemon Go": Captures Saints in the Vatican

According to an Italian newspaper, the Vatican has launched its own version of the popular game "Pokemon Go": The game "Follow JC Go" (about "Follow Jesus Christ Go") is about "catching" the saints.

"No more monsters, now chasing after saints" wrote "Corriere della Sera" in his Monday problem. "Pope Francis has given his blessing to JC Go, the religious version of Pokemon Go." The original game "Pokemon Go" is one of the most downloaded programs ever. Thanks to the enhanced reality, where virtual objects are displayed in real-world environments, you can capture the little Japanese "monster" as you go.

  Screenshot Corriere della Sera: Vatican Games

Screenshot Corriere della Sera

Vatican Game "Follow JC Go" [screenshotof"CorrieredellaSera"article)

"Pokemon Go" became a worldwide phenomenon after launch Summer 2016 – People, adults and children everywhere chased the colorful Pokemons. Meanwhile, hype has fallen noticeably. But now the Vatican has its own version of the game.

Games with didactic claim

The game has a didactic statement in addition to the entertainment value: it's about "catching" holy, blessed and other biblical characters, answering questions about him or her "correct" and then adding to him or her in her collection called "e-Team" (evangelization team). Just like the original, the game uses GPS to detect the user's location in the city.

App also measures prayer

In addition, the app "cares about the physical and mental health of the player" as "Corriere della Sera" reveals. Three values ​​were to be measured, "the level of hydration, nutrition and prayer". The Denarios game currency can also be donated to charity.

"Follow JC Go" was developed in conjunction with World Youth Day, scheduled for January 22 in Panama. The game is already available for free for iOS and Android devices, but only in Spanish at the moment. Soon, it will be translated into other languages, like "Corriere", "in any event, the application will already work in our cities."



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